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Upcoming Bingos


Bingo Jobs and Descriptions

*We need 2 people to count paper at the start of the night.  Must be there at 4pm (830pm for late nights) and will be let go early. Depending on the number of workers each night these people *might* get to go home early, rather than staying to do garbage. 

14 year olds can work bingo doing the paper aprons job but can have a max of 2 at a bingo. 

Callback/Counter– Sit with the caller and play bingo to be the backup if the electronic boards go down.  Mark down running total of bingos to make sure cash matches. Help with garbage at the end of the night.  Arrive at 5:00pm. Should help work the counter before bingo begins. See job description below. 

Counter and then floor – start behind the counter.  Be ready to sell at 5:00 on Friday and Saturday and 5:30 Sunday-Thursday. Sell paper to customers.  Must be comfortable with counting money.  Go out on paper aprons around 7:00pm (see the job description below for this) 

Counter and Paper Reconciliation (1 adult) Works on the counter to start and then stays behind the counter for the entire bingo.  The one who stays counts paper to be returned, cashes out aprons as the night goes on and reconciles the paper sold at the counter, in the aprons and the apron floats. Help with garbage at the end of the night. Arrive at 5:00 (or 4:45 on weekends).

Paper Aprons (15 years or older) – Sell paper on the floor to players.  Catch bingos when called. RUN to get the winning card, announce them to the caller on the phone, then stand with your hand up until the runner comes with winnings. The runner is also another paper apron worker. Please take turns grabbing the winnings from the cash person.  Help with garbage at the end of the night.  Arrive at 5:00pm

Horses (16 years or older) – Sell seal tickets on the floor.  Must have good mobility as it is usually quite busy. Can grab bingos as they are called, when not as busy. Help with garbage at the end of the night. Arrive at 5:00pm

Nevada (1 person – 16 years or older) – Sit at the front door and sell Nevada seal tickets before bingo, during intermission and at the end. At intervals must walk around with tickets to sell to players sitting down. (please take ALL money in the apron when walking around). At the end of the night, count out a stack of 100 tickets and put an elastic band around them. Stay until the very end to sell to those who are leaving. Can have limited mobility, but is still expected to walk around now that we are done to only one Nevada worker at each bingo. We need to sell Nevada’s from the floor and this worker helps to get bingo’s. Arrive at 5:00pm (or 4:30 on weekends).

Captain – (1 person – adult) – Bring the briefcase.  Help with counting paper, set up counters and aprons, organize workers to jobs, organize breaks, handle payouts for horse games, is responsible for getting all bingo payouts ready, refilling floats, keeping track of bingo payout sheets and sign papers.  Arrive at 4pm and stay for papers to be printed and signed to the very end. *Captains are specifically trained and not available for general signup.

Important information:
  • All workers/coordinators need to park in the back parking lot
  • At the end of the evening program garbage bags need to be changed. NO combining dirty garbage bags.  Each garbage bin requires a NEW garbage bag.  This is done Sunday – Thursday bingos or weekends when there is no late night.
  • Do not have your cell phone out on the floor.
  • RUN if you are the nearest person to a bingo.  The quicker we get the Bingos, the quicker we get to go home!  Try and spread out so the whole place is covered and there is always someone close to whoever yells Bingo.
  • If you need to go to the bathroom or are on your break, leave your apron at the counter.
  • If you are at the counter, they really don’t want drinks or food back there.
  • Outside food/drink is not allowed (No visible Tim Horton’s cups!)
Have fun!