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Tavria is very proud to have many fundraising opportunities for its members. This allows us to have a Fee Subsidy Program and ways to help families offset dance related expenses. This helps keeps our costs down, while maintaining a beautiful spacious facility, skilled instructors, beautiful costuming and lots of performance opportunities.

Fee subsidy program

Each level of dance comes with a number of bingos to be worked for that level. The money raised from bingos is used to subsidize instructor wages, costuming costs and facility costs, etc. If people would rather not work bingos, they can opt out of this program and pay a higher fee for the year in lieu of fundraising. This additional fee varies on the level of the dancer.

Tavria events that need many volunteer hands to be successful

We have 2 major events each year that are general fundraisers for Tavria. These are our annual Festival in March & Mosaic in the spring (usually end of May, start of June). To be able to host events of this size, we need many many hands to help. We ask that families volunteer their time to work one shift per registered dancing to help out during these events. As dancers get older, they can work and help out. We also welcome aunts, uncles and grandparents to help. We do have the option to buy out of volunteering time, as well, if people do not want to give up their time for these organizational fundraisers.

Earn credits to help offset dance related expenses

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to fundraise to offset the cost of dance related expenses. We have many spots available at the Mosaic Stadium concessions during Mosaic Stadium events like Rider Games and concerts. This allows people who would like some financial support to help offset dance related expenses a way to earn funds. Funds are put into a credit account for families to request use of for expenses like dance fees, costume rentals, travel expenses for bus trips and larger group trips, etc. If you have questions about the use of credits, please ask our Admin or Board members.

Other fundraisers and opportunities to be involved.

Each year we need volunteers to be parent reps & costume reps and have numerous committees that can use some help such as Malanka, Fundraising, Festival, Clothing orders, Social events, Competition/Trip committee. We encourage people to get involved as little or as much as they would like.

Throughout the year we may have additional fundraisers that come up like Meat orders, Perogy selling, Pizza selling, etc. More details will come out on these opportunities.