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Board of Directors 2023/2024

Tannis Chimilar (2022-2024)
Vice President
Jason Danyliw (2023-2025)


Carla Warnyca (2023-2025)


Will Yip (2023-2025)

Deanna Williams (Community Fundraising Liaison)
  Gabby Tolver
  Dean Anaka
  Twyla Mosley-Widger (Festival Chair)
  Elliot Mazden
  Marcia Selinger

Performance Coordinator
Ivanna Knoll


Here are the Tavria Bylaws for your review.

  • The Tavria Bylaws serve as the governing rules and regulations that outline the structure and operations of the organization.
  • These bylaws are essential for maintaining order, consistency, and fairness within Tavria.
  • By following these bylaws, members ensure that the organization functions smoothly and achieves its objectives effectively.
  • It is crucial for all members to familiarize themselves with the Tavria Bylaws to understand their rights, responsibilities, and the overall framework of the organization.