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Tavria dancers are encouraged to take on additional dance pieces, if they are interested. These can be solos, duets, trios or small groups.

Things to note:

  • dancers may be in more than one extra dance
  • the agreement of pay, number of sessions, extra time, time of teaching etc is between the instructor and the parents – not between Tavria and the parents. Extra dances are not included in fees or time.  All fees will be paid directly to the instructor.
  • dancers are provided with music and choreography and then are expected to work on the dance on their own outside of regular practice time
  • class time is not given to extra dances
  • dancers may use the Tavria studio to practice on a first-come-first-serve basis (there is a form to request studio space)
  • we encourage dancers to work in small groups
  • occasional practices with instructors will be hosted and will be an additional fee

Please click on the link to request an extra dance.