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Tavria School of Ukrainian Dance takes pride in being one of Regina's largest and most enduring Ukrainian dance institutions, entertaining audiences in Southern Saskatchewan and beyond for almost 50 years.

Our school features a dedicated professional dance studio with two separate spaces. The lower studio boasts sprung floors, offering numerous benefits to dancers. These floors are kinder to the dancers' bodies as they absorb shock, significantly enhancing their physical well-being and prolonging their dancing careers with fewer injuries over time. Moreover, sprung floors give energy back to dancers and alleviate fatigue during long dance sessions. We possess a wide range of authentic Ukrainian costumes that are primarily sourced from costume experts in Ukraine. This practice is vital to our organization as it not only makes costumes affordable for families but also supports Ukraine and sustains the livelihoods of the artisans who create them.

Annually, Tavria organizes a Dance Festival in the spring, drawing hundreds of dancers from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta. This festival is one of the longest-standing events in the Ukrainian dance community on the prairies and is unique to Regina. We take immense pride in upholding this tradition year after year. While we rely on parent volunteers to manage this event, their involvement fosters a strong sense of community and volunteerism, which is greatly appreciated by our dancers and their families. Dancers from Beginner level and above participate in this festival each year.

Our dance school welcomes aspiring dancers as young as 3 years old, with no prior experience required for enrolment. Additionally, we offer adult classes for individuals who wish to learn, rekindle, or advance their Ukrainian dance skills. Dancers of all ages are encouraged to join, and we will determine the appropriate level based on age and experience. Through an optional fee subsidy program, we aim to lower enrolment costs, and additional fundraising activities are available to further reduce expenses for those interested.

Tavria has a remarkable track record of performances and receives increasing requests for regular shows. We take great joy in showcasing our dedication to diverse audiences. Numerous groups take part in festivals across the prairie provinces, and as dancers mature, they are presented with chances to travel globally.

If you are interested in having Tavria School of Ukrainian Dance perform at an event you are hosting, please reach out to